Backyard Bidders

Wow! it's about time & FREE!

Finally! An auction site for South Australians that love a bargain or want to unload some goods without the high fees of other auction sites. No being crushed by new or Chinese goods or the confusion or buy, swap & sells! Kinda like Ebay, but just for used goods in South Australia!

How often do you say " I'm not giving it away! But I want it gone!"
Well welcome to Backyard Bidders!

Now Opening (May 2017) ...
list your unwanted goods here for free and get ready for the rush as the year unfolds! Get in now! Is FREE!

You don't pay a cent
unless you sell something! And sales royalties are as low as 4%
See Fees for more information.

There are 2 Main Rules!

  1. No retail goods, this is for used or private items only 
  2. South Aussies only! (Qld opening August 2017)